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Lost: The Finale

By The Earth-2.net forum members
24 May 2010 What you are about to read is the unedited transcript from last night's chat session revolving around the Lost series finale. It contains major spoilers (and rage), so be warned.

Venneh: kate survived?
DW: Purgatory
DW: it was fucking purgatory
Jack Fetch: no
Venneh: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAh that was bullshit
Dread: wow...I called purgatory in season 2
Doug P: anyway
Jack Fetch: The flash sideway was the afterlife
Jack Fetch: Everything on the island was real
DW: everyone called purgatory in season 1
Dread: Hah! religious propaganda for 200 alex
DW: I understand that, Jack
Preston: Seriously?
Venneh: I love it when this happens.
Venneh: At least it wasn't some kid's snowglobe.
Preston: They should have just made the finale JJ Abrhams jacking off into a pile of money.
DW: fuck, that might have made more sense
Dread: i wanted Bobby Ewing to step out of the shower at the end
Jack Fetch: I like it.
Jack Fetch: It made perfect sense to me
Dread: I'm just glad i stopped watsing my time with it
DW: it was great for an hour
Venneh: What happened to Kate?
Preston: I am so, so amused right now.
TFG1Mike: i never even wasted my time with it after I saw the plane crash lol
DW: then it spent the rest of the time patting itself on the back
Jack Fetch: She escaped the island
DW: they killed the big bad within the first 45 minutes and everyone else just survived
Venneh: And went to heaben?
DW: no, there was an alternate timeline
DW: that was purgatory
DW: the island itself was just a bunch of bullshit that they never explained
Venneh: Yeah, it does that
Dread: a microcosm of the show itself
Jack Fetch: They explained what they needed to.
DW: like fuck they did
Dread: haha
DW: I want those six years of my life back
Venneh: Lost: The Show That Finally Pushed Dubs To Drink
DW: I don't know why this surprised me
DW: I knew it was gonna suck
Preston: Haha
Venneh: It just sucked even more than you expected.
Venneh: It exceeded all expectations.
Venneh: Just not in a good way.
DW: What's the island? Fuck you, that's what the island is.
DW: What's that light? It's a light made out of fuck you.
DW: Why are they all on the island? They're all there to say fuck you.
Venneh: I just want to say that I called it being a big fuck you.
TFG1Mike: well I am going to finish watching this ep of SVU catch y'all later
Kscriv: Dubs, do you have any two word message to send to Mr. Abrams?
Preston: Hahaha
Venneh: Take care Mike
DW: eat dick
Preston: I love this.
Dread: Grey poupon?
DW: What the fuck did purgatory have to do with what was going on with the island? Fucking nothing, buy some DVDs, nerd.
DW: Where was Mr. Eko? He read the script and said it was below his standards and he was in GI FUCKING JOE
Venneh: And the bit from the other night works too.
Venneh: Where we pointed out that Taun Tauns are bigger on the inside.
Chris Johnson: An ABC source reported that the DVD and Blu-ray release of season 6 will feature twenty minutes of additional scenes, some of which will have answers to questions, cut from the storyline due to running time.
Dread: buy the dvd nerd
DW: Where did Walt get his powers? From his ass, the same place we get all our ideas from.
Kscriv: Didn't they get 3.5 hours of the network's time?
Dread: they got like 100 hours and decided to reveal nothing. Except the most obvious answer. Brian K. Vaughn sucks.
DW: Why the fuck are people giving birth in purgatory? Cut us some slack, we only had TWO AND A HALF HOURS to explain everything
Preston: Because we
Dread: to be fair, unborn babies go to purgatory
Preston: 've been making this shit up as we go along.
Preston: Okay?
Preston: Is that what you wanted?
Kscriv: so they were abortions, LIKE THIS SHOW AMIRITE!?!?!
DW: baby was already alive in the real world and aged to like, six
Dread: POW!
Preston: They kept giving us more money, and here's the secret: We're not good writers. But there was money, and coke and hookers, so by God, we were going to keep trying.
Kscriv: uiynhbtrftvgnhyjub
Kscriv: I slam my head against keyboard and magic happens
DW: what did the numbers mean? they're the answer to the Fuck You Equation
Dread: it worked at the time. who cares if it makes sense!
Dread: Dubs, remember yesterday or the day before when I posted about how the show sucked because it made no sense. Then you defended it? That was awesome.
DW: you're remembering wrong
DW: "as far as being a great mystery with a rewarding and logical conclusion, it's an epic failure."
Preston: You know how many episodes of Lost I've watched? Zero.
DW: I knew it was going to be bad
Kscriv: so, isn't there a show that was once really good that's wrapping up tomorrow?
DW: I didn't know it was going to be THIS bad
Preston: Could be worse.
Dread: "They're never going to explain what the numbers mean, why Walt had superpowers, who the people shooting at the canoes were, why the statue was there, what the MIB's name is, etc. And I'm not expecting them to. The only thing the finale is going to serve is to tell us what the ultimate fate of the characters will be. Great dialogue and character development is what the show will ultimately be praised and remembered for, and I'm fine with
Preston: Could be Battlestar Galactia
DW: and in a week, I will be fine with that
DW: but right now, I'm pissed
Dread: heh

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