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Episodes of 12 Minutes to Midnight
02: As Edward "The Comedian" Blake is laid to rest, old friends reflect on their time with him. It's rarely pleasant.
.: 1:22:58 :: 40.3 MB :: 19 October 2019 :.

01: During the course of a routine murder investigation, a semi-retired superhero's identity is unearthed. As thread upon thread is unraveled, a broader conspiracy is revealed. But maybe not the one an amateur detective has concocted. And thus begins the world of Watchmen.
.: 1:54:37 :: 55.5 MB :: 12 October 2019 :.

00: Before the official launch of 12 Minutes to Midnight: The Watchmen Podcast, Dan Toland and Michael David Sims take some time to discuss the origins of Watchmen, how they came to the series, the portions they've skipped over in the past, and Rorschach's status as a hero.
.: 45:38 :: 22.4 MB :: 08 October 2019 :.

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12 Minutes to Midnight 02
12 Minutes to Midnight 02

Marvel Introduces Timely Comics
Marvel Introduces Timely Comics

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