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Dread Media 691
Dread Media 691

.: 1:05:02 :: 31.4 MB :.

By Desmond Reddick
23 November 2020 — This week on Dread Media, the local crew (Brittney, Jeff, Mo, Scott, and Mostly Silent Stacy) join Desmond to discuss the new Indigenous-themed Canadian zombie film, Blood Quantum. Then, Desmond goes solo on a Dread Media Top 5 of Indigenous-Themed Horror Across All Media. Songs included: "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line" by Waylon Jennings, "Indians" by Anthrax, "Native Blood" and "Trail of Tears" by Testament.

Bigger on the Inside 162
Bigger on the Inside 162

.: 1:02:43 :: 45.8 MB :.

By The Children of Time
18 November 2020 — While attempting to uncover the secrets of her grandmother's past, Yas and her friends accidentally find themselves on the newly formed border between India and Pakistan ("Demons of the Punjab"). Then, the arrival of an unexpected message leads The Doctor to a conspiracy that could have catastrophic repercussions ("Kerblam!").

Dread Media 690
Dread Media 690

.: 56:54 :: 27.5 MB :.

By Desmond Reddick
16 November 2020 — This week on Dread Media, Des and Duane present a double feature with either women in peril or unreliable narrators. First up: we review the 15th century witchcraft paranoia film Hagazussa. Them a young woman housesits a possibly haunted house in Darling. Songs included: "Spooky" by Two Minutes to Late Night, "Sadistic Ritual" by Venom Prison, "Darling I Need You" by Bad Brains, and "At the Seams" by Zeal and Ardor.

A Cure for the Common Podcast: A WWF 1997 Retrospective Week 50
A Cure for the Common Podcast: A WWF 1997 Retrospective
Week 50

.: 1:31:44 :: 29.3 MB :.

By Kellen Scrivens and Tom Hemmings
13 November 2020 — After taking some time to discuss the then-current passing of Hana Kimura, Kellen and Tom review an interesting week of programming, featuring Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon vs Jeff and Matt Hardy on Shotgun in the dream match you never realized you wanted. On Raw, Vince McMahon explains why Kellen and Tom named the podcast as they did, and Steve Austin encourages The Rock to take up a new hobby.

Dread Media 689
Dread Media 689

.: 1:08:00 :: 32.9 MB :.

By Desmond Reddick
09 November 2020 — This week on Dread Media, Desmond and Duane have a wildly rambling conversation about the documentary Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street. Then Desmond runs down a Dread Media Top 5 documentaries about a horror film. Songs included: "Queen of Pain" by Alkaline Trio, "Walk with Me In Nightmares" by Tombs, "Reality" by Voivod, and "Rocket Queen" by Two Minutes to Late Night.

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Dread Media 691
Dread Media 691

Marvel Introduces Timely Comics
Marvel Introduces Timely Comics

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