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Earth-2.net: The Show 1071
Earth-2.net: The Show 1071

.: 2:13:05 :: 66.5 MB :.

By The Syndicate
20 August 2019 — Today, Dan and Mike discuss all things Supergirl. First they dive into the oddity that is the 1984, Helen Slater-led Supergirl movie. Then they cover three episodes from the 2015 Supergirl TV series: "Pilot," "Stronger Together," and "Worlds Finest."

Dread Media 625
Dread Media 625

.: 1:34:40 :: 45.7 MB :.

By Desmond Reddick
19 August 2019 — This week on Dread Media, Thomas and Desmond travel back through the Julian Sands of time to the early 90s to discuss a mostly forgotten franchise: the Warlock films. Warlock, Warlock: Armageddon, and Warlock III: End of Innocence all get reviews. Some witchy tunes to guide the way: "Ill Wind" by Jerry Goldsmith, "Warlock" by John Zorn, "Armageddon Blues" by Power Trip, "Innocence" by Vesania, and "Kiss of Death" by Warlock.

Earth-2.net: The Show 1070
Earth-2.net: The Show 1070

.: 1:26:17 :: 43.1 MB :.

By The Syndicate
13 August 2019 — Our Comic-Con International: San Diego 2019 coverage concludes with interviews of the Batman: Hush cast and crew! In order, we hear from: writer Ernie Altbacker, director Justin Copeland, actors Jason Spisak, Hynden Walch, Bruce Thomas, Geoffrey Arend, Maury Sterling, and Jason O'Mara. Thank you, Donovan!

Dread Media 624
Dread Media 624

.: 1:02:27 :: 30.2 MB :.

By Desmond Reddick
12 August 2019 — This week on Dread Media, we get a little wacky. First up, Tom Deja joins Desmond to discuss the regrettable Blackenstein: The Black Frankenstein (in case you didn't get that from the first part of the title). Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid jumps in to review Blood Harvest, a horror film featuring Tiny Tim. I know. Weird, right? And of course there are tunes: "Frankenstein: I'm Dead Alive" by Early Man, "Fix Me Now" by Garbage, "Through the Tulips" by Dilinger feat. Jon Anderson, and "Lacerated Psyche" by Lord Dying.

Hey, an Actor: Cate Blanchett
Hey, an Actor:
Cate Blanchett

.: 3:00:55 :: 87.2 MB :.

By The Brothers Wilson
10 August 2019 — This month, The Brothers Wilson meet the summer heat with a subject with the coolest eyes in all of Hollywood, as Hot Fuzz will prove. Cate Blanchett is duly in the spotlight, with a selection of roles portraying real-life figures, ranging from Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabeth to Katherine Hepburn in Howard Hughes biopic The Aviator, and as evil Dana Scully in globetrotting action drama Hanna. Along the way there's The Oscar Game, Pandy's Tudor facts, odes to Ponyo, and a hugely random Disney song. Also, Ian surprises Pandy with his knowledge of BioShock, and just how do you pronounce Saoirse Ronan's name?

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Earth-2.net: The Show 1071
Earth-2.net: The Show 1071

Marvel Introduces Timely Comics
Marvel Introduces Timely Comics

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