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Episodes of For Better or Worse
052: What movie from the 1980s stars Iron Man, Catwoman, Otis, Jadzia Dax, Hot Lips, Paulie, Johnny, Sam Kinison, and Rodney Dangerfield? It's Back to School, a rather odd relic from a much different time.
.: 1:03:45 :: 30.8 MB :: 14 October 2014 :.

051: Unfortunate puns are in abundance as Shana and Mike pay tribute to the late, great Robin Williams with their discussion of Mrs. Doubtfire.
.: 1:25:44 :: 41.5 MB :: 02 September 2014 :.

050: To celebrate the 50th episode of For Better or Worse, as well as the program's second anniversary, Shana and Mike examine Woody Allen's Annie Hall. Plus, is it Monty Hall or Monty Python, and how does Mike hit that note?
.: 1:21:39 :: 39.5 MB :: 05 August 2014 :.

049: Pump Up the Volume perfectly captures the teenage angst of Generation X, at least, according to Shana and Mike. Also, someone reveals a their crush on Samantha Mathis, and another movie is added to the schedule.
.: 1:10:25 :: 34.1 MB :: 15 July 2014 :.

048: After a brief break, For Better or Worse returns with a look at A Knight's Tale! Shana revels in Paul Bettany's glory, Mike has trouble pronouncing "Canterbury," and living next to a bar inadvertently spoils a World Cup match for the husband.
.: 1:17:35 :: 37.7 MB :: 24 June 2014 :.

047: In this edition of For Better or Worse, Shana and Mike take a look at the Steve Martin / Daryl Hannah outing Roxanne, which itself is an adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac. The Brothers Wilson also stop by. One auditions for Twister II: Son of Twister, while the other transmits a list of curse words which The Wedded Couple aren't sure are real.
.: 1:24:05 :: 40.7 MB :: 27 May 2014 :.

046: As far as Shana and Mike are concerned, Philip Seymour Hoffman steals the show when it comes to the ultra-bland, utterly predictable, and downright generic Twister. With their remakes, they attempt to inject emotion and characterization into what should be a dramatic film. Beyond that, Mike drops in a few wrestling references, and Shana can't stop laughing at an innocent hand gesture.
.: 1:15:53 :: 36.9 MB :: 06 May 2014 :.

045: Shana and Mike tackle their hardest movie yet: Weekend at Bernie's. How do they update and reimagine this so-very-80s plot? Also, the awesomeness that is Toonces, and Mike channels Tranquil Tirades by naming the real protagonist of Bernie's.
.: 1:18:38 :: 38.1 MB :: 22 April 2014 :.

044: The Douchies have come to a close, and The Vinegar King has been crowned! Shana and Mike discuss the poll results, read through lots of comments from the forums, Shana sings a song for Ian, Mike comes up with the greatest band name ever, and they create a new sitcom starring Lionel.
.: 1:24:31 :: 40.9 MB :: 01 April 2014 :.

043: The Crucible, Arthur Miller's condemnation of McCarthyism through use of the Salem witch trials, is examined in this episode of For Better or Worse. Specifically, Shana and Mike look at the 1996 film adaptation, written by Miller himself. Also, in less than five minutes Mike gets The Look, regains favor, and falls out of it again. (For the record, Mike knows that Mel Gibson played William Wallace, not a character called Braveheart.)
.: 1:12:53 :: 35.2 MB :: 25 March 2014 :.

042: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure turns 25 this year, and, despite the use of a phone booth as a mode of traversing time, Shana and Mike think this one holds up rather well. Also, Mike believes this movie is in the Doctor Who Universe, Shana ponders George Carlin's status as a deity, The Brothers Wilson write in, a schedule change is made, and the first round of The Douchies are announced. Please vote in all of the polls, and be excellent to each other.
.: 1:28:16 :: 42.7 MB :: 04 March 2014 :.

041: Shana and Mike are not here to remake Casablanca. Recast and tweak it a little, yes. But not outright remake it. Also, neither can pronounce Ugarte, Shana prepares for flames, Mike lays down the law, and The Douchies are finally explained.
.: 1:34:16 :: 45.5 MB :: 18 February 2014 :.

040: Shana and Mike agree: The Graduate is a hugely influential black comedy, but it spirals out of control after a certain point. Listen as they fix this problem with their remakes, then they address lots of feedback, including a song by Ian Wilson.
.: 1:29:25 :: 43.3 MB :: 04 February 2014 :.

039: Shana and Mike tackle what is easily one of Tim Burton's finest pictures: Edward Scissorhands. Listen as the husband explains why it took him over 20 years to see the movie a second time, as the wife pines over Johnny Depp, as they both extol the talents of Dianne Wiest and Danny Elfman, and as they lament the lack of feedback.
.: 1:13:00 :: 35.5 MB :: 17 January 2014 :.

038: In the style of the When Harry Met Sally... transitions, Shana and Mike open the show by outlining the journey that led to their marriage, then the wedded duo discuss this near-perfect movie. (Note: If you want to skip all of the lovey-dovey romance, jump to 26:55.)
.: 1:33:05 :: 45.1 MB :: 03 January 2014 :.

037: Christmas is here, and, in that spirit, Shana and Mike fix their gaze upon Scrooged! Join them as they discuss the highs and lows of this meta-adaptation of A Christmas Carol.
.: 1:19:57 :: 38.7 MB :: 25 December 2013 :.

036: As Shana and Mike examine The Rookie, they find themselves troubled by one major sticking point. Namely, is it one movie, two, or even three?
.: 1:15:51 :: 36.8 MB :: 06 December 2013 :.

035: Just in time for Thanksgiving, and to pay thanks to Christian Honoré for his generous donations to For Better or Worse, Shana and Mike remake their first animated feature: Pocahontas.
.: 1:20:48 :: 39.2 MB :: 27 November 2013 :.

034: Despite eight wonderful actors breathing life into their characters, Shana and Mike take issue with The Big Chill. Death, drugs, dancing, and dalliances do not make a plot. Also, by the end of the show, the couple decide upon the first two movies they'll be covering in 2014!
.: 1:26:23 :: 41.9 MB :: 08 November 2013 :.

033: Say it once, say it twice, but whatever you do don't say it thrice, because in this For Better or Worse doubleheader, Shana and Mike remake Candyman and Beetlejuice.
.: 1:48:07 :: 52.3 MB :: 31 October 2013 :.

032: Straight out of the gate, Mike reveals his feelings for Wall Street, and Shana laments the lack of character depth. That said, the husband and wife team do praise some of Oliver Stone's directing, and, oddly, they keep comparing it to West Side Story.
.: 1:17:32 :: 37.6 MB :: 11 October 2013 :.

031: What do you get when you set Romeo and Juliet in a racially charged New York neighborhood in the 1950s? The all-singing, all-dancing, surprisingly subversive, perfectly executed West Side Story. (Please pardon the audio glitch at the 90-minute mark.)
.: 1:56:14 :: 56.1 MB :: 30 September 2013 :.

030: Shana solves Hollywood's female problem with hardcore fairies, while Mike retcons President Madison out of US history. They also discuss Splash, starring Tom Hanks' shouty voice and Daryl Hannah's ass. Beware: Fish puns and odd sexual acts ahead.
.: 1:17:35 :: 37.6 MB :: 13 September 2013 :.

029: Breaking away from their plans to cover The Big Chill, Shana and Mike opt to look at Saturday Night Fever instead. Why? For the answer to that question, you'll have to listen in. Also, Shana wants everyone to watch an REM video, the Inspector Gadget theme is accidentally sung, and there's a heavy discussion about gender roles. So, you know, your typical episode of For Better or Worse.
.: 2:01:04 :: 58.4 MB :: 30 August 2013 :.

028: While covering The Birdcage, Shana and Mike find themselves in a surprisingly deep conversation about sexuality and faith, and societal pressure to hide both. All of that is brought down a level, however, when Lionel shows up to lick his balls. Please visit our Patreon page at http://www.patreon.com/forbetterorworse.
.: 1:39:07 :: 47.9 MB :: 16 August 2013 :.

027: To celebrate the first anniversary of For Better or Worse, Shana and Mike each crafted two casts for the nearly perfect The Princess Bride. Also, according to Mike, who bathes in the blood of virgins?
.: 1:55:32 :: 55.8 MB :: 02 August 2013 :.

026: Take Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, add in Colin Farrell and Michael Clarke Duncan, and top it all off with red leather and dodgy special effects. Mix, edit, chop, and edit once more. What do you get? The less-than-stellar Daredevil. Plus, Shana and Mike finally reveal what movie they'll be covering next time, for their First Anniversary Gala.
.: 1:29:32 :: 43.4 MB :: 19 July 2013 :.

025: Shana and Mike celebrate Independence Day! Not Independence Day the movie, 'cause that sucks. Independence Day, the holiday. But not really. This is just a play on the title and the date. Also, while a dog outruns a fireball, Mike might not escape the doghouse.
.: 2:02:48 :: 59.5 MB :: 05 July 2013 :.

024: Shana and Mike imagine the pitch for Three Men and a Baby must have gone like this: "Thomas Magnum, Sergeant Mahoney, and Sam Malone join forces to bring down mobsters while raising an infant girl left in their care."
.: 1:03:48 :: 31.0 MB :: 21 June 2013 :.

023: To celebrate Shana's recent birthday, she and Mike cover their third John Hughes-penned movie: Pretty in Pink.
.: 1:22:31 :: 40.1 MB :: 07 June 2013 :.

022: How can The Golden Girls be both timeless and ripe for an update? Shana and Mike explain this very question as they remake the surprisingly progressive program into a new TV show and movie, respectively. (Closing song, "Zbornak," by Jonny McGovern.)
.: 1:14:53 :: 36.3 MB :: 24 May 2013 :.

021: Just in time for Mother's Day, Shana and Mike pay tribute to motherhood by discussing and remaking a movie that has more to do with fatherhood: Mr. Mom.
.: 1:10:03 :: 33.9 MB :: 10 May 2013 :.

020: Shana and Mike conclude baseball month on For Better or Worse by looking at the comedy classic Major League. Despite enjoying the film, one takes issue with an unintentionally creepy subplot, while the other is uneasy with the portrayal of a racial stereotype. (Note: Bob Uecker and Garrison Keillor are not dead.)
.: 1:31:10 :: 44.1 MB :: 26 April 2013 :.

019: Baseball season has officially arrived, and so has Shana and Mike's coverage of Bull Durham!
.: 1:26:30 :: 41.9 MB :: 15 April 2013 :.

018: What Women Want is quite possibly the most misogynistic movie of all time. Period. Also, Mike remakes a different movie, Shana justifiably rants, and Giselle takes a poop. Appropriately.
.: 1:37:50 :: 47.3 MB :: 29 March 2013 :.

017: Once, a Hollywood producer said, "We live in a world that has remakes, and those remakes have to be produced by A Few Good Men with a vision. Who's gonna do it? You? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for The Honeymooners, and you curse The Transformers. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That bad remakes, while tragic, probably made money. And their existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, were seen by millions. You don't want new content, because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want what you know, you need what you know. You use words like remake, reboot, retread. I use these words as the backbone of a system spent entertaining you. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to people who eat and drink what I feed them, and then questions what I provide. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you write a script and direct it. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to!"
.: 1:22:13 :: 39.7 MB :: 15 March 2013 :.

016: In 1992, if someone said that a courtroom comedy starring Tommy DeVito as a lawyer, Herman Munster as a judge, Daniel LaRusso as a college kid, and that girl from Oscar would be considered a classic decades later, they would have been laughed at. But that's exactly what My Cousin Vinny has become: a classic. Join Shana and Mike as they praise the original while attempting to remake a nearly perfect piece of cinema.
.: 1:00:23 :: 29.3 MB :: 01 March 2013 :.

015: Even if you've never seen the abysmal Runaway Bride, Shana and Mike implore you to listen to this episode of For Better or Worse. In the short lifespan of the show, never have they encountered a movie that insults its audience more and has zero redeeming qualities. As a matter of fact, it's so bad, one of the hosts outright removes a main character for the remake.
.: 1:05:25 :: 31.7 MB :: 15 February 2013 :.

014: What single sticking point had prevented Mike from seeing Pretty Women until now, and who did Shana cast against type for Stuckey? Also, more Stanley Tucci love.
.: 1:23:11 :: 40.2 MB :: 01 February 2013 :.

013: How the bloody hell do you update a visionary classic like Network? Shana and Mike think they'e found a way.
.: 1:17:40 :: 37.7 MB :: 25 January 2013 :.

012: As Shana and Mike remake The American President, something odd happens. Despite their divergent plots, things come together to form something bigger.
.: 1:26:05 :: 41.6 MB :: 04 January 2013 :.

011: Christmas is a time for love and sharing, as well as peace and happiness. It's also a time for shooting bad guys, apparently. In the very first For Better or Worse doubleheader, Shana and Mike discuss and remake the overly complicated Lethal Weapon and the near-perfect Die Hard.
.: 2:24:57 :: 69.9 MB :: 21 December 2012 :.

010: Shana's seen Dirty Dancing countless times, while this was Mike's first viewing. Does it hold up for The Wife, and what did The Husband think about this much-loved movie from 1987? Also, is Johnny Castle the best name ever? Hint: Yes. Yes it is.
.: 1:11:28 :: 34.5 MB :: 07 December 2012 :.

009: Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters is widely considered a cinematic classic, but Shana and Mike find there aren't enough of the sisters, especially Hannah, and too much Woody Allen. And, in an effort to better understand Allen's motivations, Shana digs into 19th century Russian theater.
.: 1:21:30 :: 39.4 MB :: 26 November 2012 :.

008: Chances are you've never heard of Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael, a little gem from 1990 starring Winona Ryder and Jeff Daniels. And that's precisely why Shana and Mike are talking about it today.
.: 1:15:01 :: 36.2 MB :: 09 November 2012 :.

007: Psycho, the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, is up for discussion today. And the review / remake leads to Shana and Mike having a frank chat about mental disorders, as well as a conversation about the intelligence of the moviegoing audience. Plus, Shana calls Mike her what?
.: 1:20:01 :: 38.8 MB :: 26 October 2012 :.

006: Why are Shana and Mike rebooting Fantastic Four, a movie from 2005? 'Cause that's the way of superhero movies: reboot, remake, repeat.
.: 1:45:58 :: 51.3 MB :: 12 October 2012 :.

005: Thanks to the generosity of Will Ackerman, Christian Honoré, and Matthew McKinnon-Gray, Shana and Mike sat down to discuss how they'd remake Saved by the Bell. In their revamp, both the original cast and a new cast are utilized, there are drugs and death, implied handjobs, and even science fiction. No, really. Also, Mike slaps himself during the recording, because, you know, it's Saved by the Bell.
.: 1:25:45 :: 41.6 MB :: 28 September 2012 :.

004: Though Shana and Mike love Moonstruck, they do disagree on one point. As they recast it, however, they agree on not one but two actors! Also, Mike's words come back to haunt him. Twice.
.: 1:19:31 :: 38.3 MB :: 14 September 2012 :.

003: Even though Mike enjoys The Crow for what it is, he has to agree with Shana that substance was neglected for style. Also, they can't help but wonder the following things: What was Top Dollar trying to accomplish, why was he sleeping with his sister, did Darla's transformation not stick, and why were Eric and Shelly friends with a child? To answer those questions in their remake, the plot is rewritten, new casts are assembled, characters are completely dropped, and relationships are reworked. You're either going to love this episode, or you're going to come at us with pitchforks. Hopefully the former.
.: 2:10:02 :: 62.6 MB :: 31 August 2012 :.

002: Truly a modern masterpiece, and one of Shana's favorite films, Jurassic Park continues to thrill with its nearly flawless visual effects, heart-pounding sound, and grandiose directing! It is, however, nearly 20 years old, so the question is posed: Is Jurassic Park in need of a remake? Listen in as Shana and Mike each assign the movie a new cast, tweak a few plot points and character motivations, and generally gush about it as a whole. Also, the next two movies are named, several more are dropped into the queue, and feedback is read!
.: 1:57:00 :: 56.4 MB :: 17 August 2012 :.

001: For Better or Worse is here, and, to kick the show off, Shana and Mike examined The Breakfast Club. Though it's a product of its time, the universal truths presented within make it a timeless classic. Yet, it could use a 21st century facelift, and that's what the duo's ready to provide!
.: 1:18:49 :: 38.2 MB :: 03 August 2012 :.

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