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Episodes of The Edge of Forever
066: An ambassador attempts to bring peace to a warring race, but things go topsy-turvy from the jump ("Loud as a Whisper"). Then a creeper finds immortality in Data's body ("The Schizoid Man").
.: 43:23 :: 24 October 2022 :.

065: Geordi fucks up by bringing holodeck Professor Moriarty to life ("Elementary Dear Data"), and bum-ass Han Solo fucks his away around the ship ("The Outrageous Okona"). The guys get bored talking about the second episode and turn the show into a Quantum Leap podcast.
.: 51:29 :: 25.2 MB :: 31 July 2022 :.

064: Troi is impregnated by a "we want to better understand humanity" space entity ("The Child"), and half the crew is slated to die by a "we want to better understand humanity" space entity ("Where Silence Has Lease").
.: 50:39 :: 24.8 MB :: 31 May 2022 :.

063: Picard and Riker explode a guy ("Conspiracy"), and Data finds three assholes from the 20th century just as Romulans make their reappearance ("The Neutral Zone"). Also, Dan and Mike finish this damn season.
.: 1:18:31 :: 38.2 MB :: 31 December 2021 :.

062: Tasha Yar is senselessly murdered by an evil trash bag ("Skin of Evil"), and Picard finds an old girlfriend while investigating deja vu ("We'll Always Have Paris").
.: 1:07:11 :: 32.7 MB :: 17 October 2021 :.

061: War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing ("The Arsenal of Freedom")! You've got a ri-ri-right to say no. No! Right to say no ("Symbiosis")! Who wants a body massage?
.: 57:16 :: 27.9 MB :: 16 August 2021 :.

060: While Wesley is away taking entry exams for Starfleet Academy, Picard and the rest of the crew are put under the microscope by a paranoid admiral ("Coming of Age"). Then Worf finds himself intrigued by the first Klingons he's meet since his childhood, but their plans for glory threaten the ship as well as the shaky peace between The Klingon Empire and The Federation ("Heart of Glory").
.: 54:29 :: 26.6 MB :: 28 February 2021 :.

059: After children are abducted from The Enterprise, Picard and the crew must walk a tightrope to get them back ("When the Bough Breaks"). Then, Data and Dr. Crusher discover inorganic life originating from a supposedly dead planet ("Home Soil").
.: 54:14 :: 26.5 MB :: 30 January 2021 :.

058: To save their homeworld, a computer-based species creates the perfect holographic woman for Riker ("11001001"). Then a dying admiral is called to action when an old enemy takes an ambassador hostage ("Too Short a Season").
.: 1:07:43 :: 33.0 MB :: 30 September 2020 :.

057: Data discovers he has a brother, and said brother wants to kill Wesley so badly ("Datalore"). Then, middle-age men discuss an episode about feminism written and directed by middle-age men ("Angel One"). Note: Please pardon the audio issues.
.: 1:57:13 :: 56.7 MB :: 16 August 2020 :.

056: Deanna's life is turned upside down when her fiance and mother show up ("Haven"), then Picard gets trapped in a pulp adventure holodeck program ("The Big Goodbye").
.: 1:40:58 :: 48.9 MB :: 03 July 2020 :.

055: A monumental moment from Captain Picard's past comes back to haunt him ("The Battle"), then Q returns with a tempting offer for Commander Riker ("Hide and Q").
.: 1:04:12 :: 31.3 MB :: 31 May 2020 :.

054: An entity from a space-cloud takes control of Captain Picard ("Lonely Among Us"), and Wesley is put on death row for trampling flowers ("Justice").
.: 1:01:26 :: 46.6 MB :: 28 March 2020 :.

053: After much hype, the Ferengi make their debut ("The Last Outpost"). Then someone came up with the core plot of Voyager eight years early before its premier ("Where No One Has Gone Before").
.: 59:12 :: 43.6 MB :: 01 February 2020 :.

052: Everyone on The Enterprise-D gets drunk and is DTF ("The Naked Now"), then the crew visits a planet that makes every viewer uncomfortable ("Code of Honor").
.: 1:14:39 :: 36.3 MB :: 24 November 2019 :.

051: Dan and Mike begin their coverage of Star Trek: The Next Generation with a DVD commentary of "Encounter at Farpoint."
.: 2:03:38 :: 59.8 MB :: 30 October 2019 :.

050: "Captain! There be whales here!" Those five little words perfectly sum up the whole of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Listen in as Dan, Dave, and Mike have a blast talking through what is the strangest but also the funniest entry in the Star Trek movie catalog. Also: Please subscribe to Dan and Mike's new podcast, 12 Minutes to Midnight: The Watchmen Podcast.
RSS: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/12minutes/rss.xml
iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/12-minutes-to-midnight-the-watchmen-podcast/id1481476911
.: 3:09:15 :: 91.3 MB :: 06 October 2019 :.

049: We all know that the odd-numbered Star Trek film are trash, right? Not so much, actually. While Star Trek III: The Search for Spock might not be the most exciting Trek film ever made, it does introduce Christopher Lloyd as the ruthless Klingon Commander Kruge, lays groundwork for future films, and sees the destruction of the beloved Enterprise. It also begs some hard-to-discuss questions pertaining to the resurrection of Spock, and demonstrates some shameful password etiquette. Please listen in as Dan, Dave, and Mike have a blast creating The Spock File, and singing their way through the discussion.
.: 2:52:55 :: 83.5 MB :: 04 July 2019 :.

048: After the slow-moving visual spectacle that was Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the guys spend nearly three hours gushing over the epic that is Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Themes of life, death, aging, and rebirth are explored, as are thoughts of space-flutes and keytars. (Note: Guard your ears at 1:53:28.)
.: 2:59:55 :: 86.8 MB :: 31 March 2019 :.

Special 03: Dave joins Dan and Mike to discuss all things Buck Rogers. First they look at the 1939 serial starring Buster Crabbe, then they have a beat-by-beat chat about the 1979 feature-length pilot of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.
.: 2:12:05 :: 63.9 MB :: 05 March 2019 :.

047: The Edge of Forever enters a new era as Dave Probert joins Dan and Mike for a discussion of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Does this movie deserve its reputation as "The Motionless Picture" / "The Slow Motion Picture," or is it a technical masterpiece in disguise? Can it be both? Please "sit down" with the three guys as they discuss this very topic and so much more! Also: Stick around through the closing theme for a tease of what's to come between Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
.: 2:31:15 :: 73.0 MB :: 27 January 2019 :.

046: Doctor McCoy is accused of committing genocide ("Albatross"), a godlike alien being wants credit for assisting humanity's growth ("How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth?"), and everyone begins to de-age upon entering a backwards-flowing universe ("The Counter-Clock Incident"). And thus ends Star Trek: The Animated Series. Dan and Mike discuss the series as a whole, and a special guest brings us the Star Trek: Babies theme song.
.: 1:21:35 :: 39.6 MB :: 23 December 2018 :.

045: Dan and Mike discuss the exciting immediate future of The Edge of Forever, cover some Star Trek news, then they dive into three more episodes of Star Trek: The Animated Series. First, Spock is critically ill, but the medication he needs to survive has been stolen ("The Pirates of Orion"). Then, some moron named Bem needlessly makes trouble for Kirk and Spock ("Bem"). And, lastly, the ship comes to life and plays rather deadly jokes on the crew ("The Practical Joker").
.: 1:19:00 :: 38.4 MB :: 08 December 2018 :.

044: Spock, Uhura, and Sulu are held prisoner by a race in search of a devastating weapon ("The Slaver Weapon"). Kirk, Spock, and McCoy become exhibits in a zoo ("The Eye of the Beholder"). And a D&D party is formed to prevent a galaxy-spanning war ("The J-").
.: 58:10 :: 28.4 MB :: 11 November 2018 :.

043: The guys discuss the forthcoming Star Trek: Short Treks micro-series, the return of Jean-Luc Picard, the awesomeness of Harry Mudd, and the possible loss of Chris Pine as Captain Kirk. Then Kirk and the crew are shrunk in an effort to gain their attention ("The Terratin Incident"), they're trapped in a space Bermuda Triangle ("The Time Trap"), and turned into fish-people for reasons ("The Ambergris Element").
.: 57:15 :: 27.9 MB :: 30 September 2018 :.

042: The guys open the episode with some Star Trek: Discovery news, then they dive into three more episodes of Star Trek: The Animated Series. First, the crew find themselves talking to The Devil ("The Magicks of Megas-tu"). Then they're attacked by a two-headed dragon ("Once Upon a Planet"). And lastly, Harry Mudd's return sparks HR issues for Kirk and his crew ("Mudd's Passion"). Please pardon the slight audio issues.
.: 1:20:59 :: 39.3 MB :: 29 July 2018 :.

041: Cyrano Jones returns with a new breed of Tribbles ("More Tribbles, More Troubles"), a long-missing philanthropist turns out to be a Romulan spy ("The Survivor"), and a giant attempts to bring about universal peace with equally giant duplicates of Spock ("The Infinite Vulcan"). Also: Mike gushes over Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Dan has a field day over the Mego Gorn.
.: 1:13:55 :: 35.9 MB :: 30 May 2018 :.

040: To save his own personal timeline, Spock travels backwards in time and kill his dog ("Yesteryear"). To save a planet in the path of a hungry space cloud, The Enterprise enters said cloud's digestive tract where Spock pulls a Professor X ("One of Our Planets is Missing"). And to save her lovestruck male crewmates, Lieutenant Uhura takes command of the ship and gets shit done ("The Lorelei Signal"). Also: Dan resurrects a World's Finest Podcast character.
.: 49:30 :: 24.2 MB :: 15 April 2018 :.

Special 02: Dan and Mike return to The Edge of Forever to look back at all things from the original series of Star Trek. They cover favorite guest characters, best episodes, reality versus perception of the show's tropes, the cultural impact of the three-season show, and more. But what's this? There's more! As an added bonus, they begin their dive into Star Trek: The Animated Series right here! That's right, Dan and Mike cover "Beyond the Farthest Star."
.: 1:48:39 :: 52.6 MB :: 28 February 2018 :.

039: Spock finds love 5000 years in the past ("All Our Yesterdays"), and Kirk is body-swapped with an ex-girlfriend ("Turnabout Intruder"). Not only do the guys look back at the whole of season three of Star Trek, they reveal the upcoming The Edge of Forever / Bigger on the Inside schedule, and eat tasty treats. They also dive headfirst into the pure, unmitigated misogyny of one of the episodes. And Mike kills any chance of gaining a particular sponsor thanks to the outtake.
.: 1:32:30 :: 44.9 MB :: 20 November 2017 :.

038: During a medical crisis, Kirk and Spock find themselves battling an oppressive society ("The Cloud Minders"). Then the duo teams with Space Lincoln and Vulcan Jesus in a battle of ultimate good versus ultimate evil ("The Savage Curtain"). (Note: Mike mistakenly said "Kahless of Vulcan" when he meant "Kahless of Qo'noS.")
.: 1:06:10 :: 32.2 MB :: 05 November 2017 :.

037: A lonely immortal builds a sexbot and unleashes Kirk on her ("Requiem for Methuselah"), then space hippies piss everyone off ("The Way to Eden").
.: 1:01:40 :: 30.1 MB :: 21 October 2017 :.

036: Catwoman II stops by to do stuff ("That Which Survives"), and a space storm destroys Memory Alpha ("The Lights of Zetar"). Also: Mike digs himself into one hell of a deep hole, which even an edit cannot fix.
.: 1:09:05 :: 33.6 MB :: 23 September 2017 :.

035: The Riddler chases down a political dissident, with Kirk and his crew trapped in the middle ("Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"). And a childhood illness might hold the key for an ever-growing / never-dying population ("The Mark of Gideon").
.: 1:14:57 :: 36.4 MB :: 02 September 2017 :.

034: Captain Kirk finds himself the unwitting lover a woman who's to be married off to prevent a war ("Elaan of Troyius"). Then Kirk and Spock are held captive by a former Fleet Captain who wishes to rule with an iron fist ("Whom Gods Destroy"). Plus: Dan and Mike discuss the first full Star Trek: Discovery trailer, as well as the trailer for The Orville.
.: 1:00:42 :: 29.6 MB :: 24 July 2017 :.

033: A dying race takes over The Enterprise in an effort to transform it into a stud farm ("Wink of an Eye"). Then Kirk and McCoy are pushed to the brink of death while attempting to save a mute woman ("The Empath"). Also: Dan perfectly recreates a scene involving coffee.
.: 52:05 :: 25.5 MB :: 28 May 2017 :.

032: After Captain Kirk vanishes into thin air, Spock's command skills are once more put to the test ("The Tholian Web"). Then, seemingly ageless people force Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and Nurse Chapel to humiliate themselves in grotesque ways ("Plato's Stepchildren").
.: 1:17:55 :: 37.9 MB :: 04 April 2017 :.

031: An anger-absorbing entity forces Captain Kirk to battle Mr. Freeze ("Day of the Dove"), and a dying Dr. McCoy marries a woman on a doomed world ("For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky"). Also: Dan and Mike are asked to name their favorite villains and ships.
.: 1:06:20 :: 32.3 MB :: 06 March 2017 :.

030: The bulk of the command crew letches on a blind, psychic dignitary, and the ship is lost in space. Again ("Is There in Truth No Beauty?"). Then, Kirk leads an away team into a deadly recreation of America's West ("Spectre of the Gun").
.: 1:10:20 :: 34.2 MB :: 05 February 2017 :.

029: While a stranded Captain Kirk finds true love on a peaceful world, Spock breaks The Enterprise ("The Paradise Syndrome"). And, a creeper tricks a handful of children into taking control of the ship so he can take over the universe ("And the Children Shall Lead").
.: 53:50 :: 26.3 MB :: 06 November 2016 :.

028: Season three of Star Trek opens with an alien race absconding with Spock's brain so it can power their society ("Spock's Brain"), and the crew stages a black ops mission to whisk away the Romulans' newest cloaking device ("The Enterprise Incident"). Berwyn!
.: 1:22:40 :: 40.1 MB :: 11 September 2016 :.

027: A planet of 20th Century Romans is discovered, complete with live gladiatorial battles ("Bread and Circuses"). Then a mysterious man transports aboard The Enterprise, leading to a Doctor Who-like adventure set on 1968 Earth with Teri Garr ("Assignment: Earth").
.: 1:29:35 :: 43.5 MB :: 31 July 2016 :.

Special 01: In the first Edge of Forever Special, Dan and Mike discuss the ramifications of the CBS / Paramount v Axanar lawsuit. Specifically, the guys look at the new guidelines fan filmmakers must follow, as outlined by CBS / Paramount. Which rules do they find to be fair, and which do they believe demand too much?
.: 50:18 :: 24.6 MB :: 10 July 2016 :.

026: Racism runs wild when Kirk and crew discover an alien world suffering from a version of The Cold War ("The Omega Glory"). Then a scientist attempts to prove that computers are more capable than humans ("The Ultimate Computer"). In other words, it's another day in Star Trek land.
.: 1:06:15 :: 32.3 MB :: 01 July 2016 :.

025: The Enterprise discovers a planet ruled by Nazis ("Patterns of Force"), then the ship is taken over by strangers from another galaxy with freeze tag-inspired belt buckles ("By Any Other Name").
.: 1:06:10 :: 32.2 MB :: 11 May 2016 :.

024: Captain Kirk pushes war on an old friend ("A Private Little War"), and three godlike aliens attempt to build android bodies ("Return to Tomorrow"). Also: Impassioned speeches by Kirk and Doctor McCoy, Spock acting like a man possessed, Nurse Chapel being useful, medicinal punches, and Diana Muldaur before she was Doctor Pulaski.
.: 1:09:40 :: 33.9 MB :: 27 March 2016 :.

023: While checking in on a planet previously visited by humans, Kirk and Spock discover a world of would-be 1920s Chicago mobsters ("A Piece of the Action"). Following that, The Enterprise is plagued by a massive single-cell organism ("The Immunity Syndrome"). (Please pardon the slight echo of Mike's line.)
.: 55:50 :: 27.3 MB :: 21 February 2016 :.

022: A Klingon saboteur's attempt to poison a colony is thwarted by an infestation of rodents ("The Trouble with Tribbles"), and Kirk gambles for the freedom of The Enterprise ("The Gamesters of Triskelion"). One of these is hilariously awesome and deserves its status as a classic episode of Star Trek, while the other demonstrates every Star Trek trope.
.: 1:12:52 :: 35.4 MB :: 31 January 2016 :.

021: Captain Kirk must face an inner demon ("Obsession"), and Piglet kills a lot of women ("Wolf in the Fold").
.: 1:03:25 :: 30.9 MB :: 30 December 2015 :.

020: While Captain Kirk attempts to open trade negotiations with the Capellans, a wimpy Klingon takes advantage of the internal strife, and Doctor McCoy slaps a pregnant Catwoman ("Friday's Child"). Then everyone gets old because of a comet ("The Deadly Years"). Also, Dan and Mike make lots of noises.
.: 1:12:40 :: 35.3 MB :: 04 October 2015 :.

019: Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy meet a regenerated Zefram Cochrane and his gaseous companion ("Metamorphosis"). Spock deals with daddy issues, Kirk is stabbed in the back, and The Enterprise comes under attack all while delivering delegates to a conference ("Journey to Babel"). And the show closes with Dan and Mike discussing more Doctor Who / Star Trek crossovers because Dan and Mike.
.: 1:25:54 :: 41.7 MB :: 23 August 2015 :.

018: Two aliens think witches, a black cat, and fog will scare Kirk, Spock, and Doctor McCoy into submission ("Catspaw"). And Harry Mudd returns with fembots ("I, Mudd"). Also: Dan sets a world record, snapping, and smoking ears.
.: 1:12:15 :: 35.1 MB :: 12 July 2015 :.

017: As a thank you for being so very patient, presented today are The Edge of Forever 17 and Bigger on the Inside 143 as one episode! First: Kirk punches a hippie to tears ("The Apple"), then he watches in horror as his ship is used for a suicide run ("The Doomsday Machine"). Second: The Doctor creates a problem for himself ("Listen"), and then he creates a problem for himself ("Time Heist"). (Notes: The Edge of Forever portion of this combined episode is not censored like its Bigger on the Inside counterpart, and these episodes were recorded in March.)
.: 2:18:52 :: 67.1 MB :: 23 June 2015 :.

016: Since the last time Dan and Mike recorded, two Star Trek luminaries passed on: the incomparable Leonard Nimoy and visionary producer Harve Bennett. Join the hosts as they pay their respects to these men, then cover two more episodes from the franchise they made the legacy it is today. Those episodes are "The Changeling" (in which Kirk must thwart another super computer) and "Mirror, Mirror" (which sees four members of the crew transported to an alternate reality).
.: 1:01:26 :: 29.9 MB :: 10 February 2015 :.

015: Season two of Star Trek begins with Spock getting the worst case of blue balls ("Amok Time"), and a god wanting Kirk to bow before him ("Who Mourns for Adonais?"). Also: Mike invents a T-shirt that should never be made, Dan proposes an addition to the stats, and Mike learns you can't dig up.
.: 1:35:22 :: 46.2 MB :: 10 February 2015 :.

014: By saving a life in the 1930s, Dr. McCoy dangerously endangers the future, and forces Captain Kirk to make the most difficult decision of his life ("The City on the Edge of Forever"). Then Spock is once again forced to deal with his emotions after being infected by magic-shoppe vomit ("Operation: Annihilate!"). And as the first season of Star Trek comes to a close, Dan and Mike rank their top five episodes, go over the stats, and give their general impressions of the season as a whole. (Please pardon the slight echo of Mike's line, as well as the pops.)
.: 1:14:31 :: 36.2 MB :: 19 December 2014 :.

013: The Klingons take control of a minor planet, and it's up to Kirk and Spock to save the pacifist population ("Errand of Mercy"). Then a man with the worst beard in the universe tries to kill his alternate-reality counterpart ("The Alternative Factor"). Also, buy a shirt.
.: 1:04:45 :: 31.5 MB :: 07 December 2014 :.

012: To save his crew, Captain Kirk must turn all of the Star Sapphires into members of the Red Lantern Corps ("This Side of Paradise"). When is a rock not a rock ("The Devil in the Dark")? And The Pandycake™ Saga continues!
.: 1:20:49 :: 39.3 MB :: 09 November 2014 :.

011: When The Enterprise stumbles upon the SS Botany Bay, Khan Noonien Singh and his fellow superhumans are awoken, leading to a battle of wits and fists between Khan and Captain Kirk ("Space Seed"). Then, on the planet of Eminiar VII, Kirk and his entire crew find themselves casualties of a new kind of war ("A Taste of Armageddon"). There's also Bigger on the Inside news, and the guys cheering the awesomeness of Dr. McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, and Ram Man. Please pardon the slight echo of Mike's line.
.: 1:41:32 :: 49.2 MB :: 26 October 2014 :.

010: The death of a crewman leads to Captain Kirk being put on trial ("Court Martial"), a supercomputer has total control over a town ("The Return of the Archons"), and the guys agree that the best Star Trek film ever is in fact not a Star Trek movie.
.: 1:10:36 :: 34.3 MB :: 12 October 2014 :.

009: After Captain Kirk fights the Gorn ("Arena"), The Enterprise is thrown backwards in time and must prevent knowledge of their presence from spreading ("Tomorrow is Yesterday"). Plus: Dan and Wendee try to out-geek the other, and there's more news on the pancake front.
.: 1:10:26 :: 34.3 MB :: 28 September 2014 :.

008: Spock's command skills are tested after a shuttlecraft crashes on a planet overrun by savages ("The Galileo Seven"), Kirk must overcome a childish god ("The Squire of Gothos"), listeners suggest additions to the casual sexism count, and the guys discuss which of the TOS-era movies most closely resemble the source material.
.: 1:44:18 :: 50.5 MB :: 09 September 2014 :.

007: Romulans! Want more copy to read? Romulans being Romulans! Still not enough? An unnamed Romulan Commander lays waste to Federation outposts along the Neutral Zone, resulting in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse ("Balance of Terror"). Then, a tired Enterprise crew finds rest and danger on an idyllic planet ("Shore Leave"). Also: Mark Lenard! Romulans! Pancakes! Wait, what?
.: 1:51:16 :: 53.9 MB :: 31 August 2014 :.

006: For a Star Trek podcast, this episode contains a fair amount of Doctor Who news and discussion. It also features the return of Riley, which may or may not induce squeals. As for the episodes: Spock risks his life to save Captain Pike ("The Menagerie"), and Kirk comes face-to-face with a tyrant from his past ("The Conscience of the King").
.: 1:33:10 :: 45.2 MB :: 17 August 2014 :.

005: Kirk sits in a chair ("Dagger of the Mind"), and a child trolls The Enterprise ("The Corbomite Maneuver"). Along the way, Mike announces a very surprising Star Trek comic book crossover, Dan looks for drink recipes, and they completely disagree when it comes to Balok.
.: 1:17:24 :: 37.6 MB :: 29 July 2014 :.

004: A mad scientist wants to prolong human life through robotics ("What Are Little Girls Made Of?"), and centuries-old children have it in for Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy ("Miri"). Other topics of discussion: Batgirl's new costume, racism as a plot point, and Mike's YouTube video.
.: 2:19:20 :: 67.3 MB :: 20 July 2014 :.

003: After a transporter malfunction causes Captain Kirk to be split in two, things become very uncomfortable for your hosts ("The Enemy Within"). Sadly, that trend continues when The Enterprise comes across a pimp and the women he's selling as wives ("Mudd's Women"). Thanks to the latter episode, the casual sexism count hits a staggering, nearly incalculable high.
.: 1:42:50 :: 48.8 MB :: 06 July 2014 :.

002: Captain Kirk is faced with two more godlike beings, one of whom is his oldest, dearest friend ("Where No Man Has Gone Before"). Following that, The Enterprise nearly crashes to its doom once the crew loses all sense of self-control ("The Naked Time"). Also, Dan stuns Mike speechless when he reveals exactly how long it will take to cover every Star Trek television program and movie, Mike pieces together Spock's origin, and the guys debate one particular stat.
.: 1:58:45 :: 57.5 MB :: 22 June 2014 :.

001: Earth-2.net's long-awaited Star Trek podcast has taken flight! Kicking off the Captain Kirk-era of the franchise, a salt-sucking alien disguises itself as an old flame of Dr. McCoy and wreaks havoc upon The Enterprise ("The Man Trap"), then a young man with impossible powers finds it increasingly difficult to deal with life amongst other humans ("Charlie X"). Wrapping up the debut episode of The Edge of Forever, Dan and Mike answer plenty of e-mails, and run through a few statistics.
.: 2:05:10 :: 60.5 MB :: 08 June 2014 :.

000: In this pilot episode of The Edge of Forever, Dan Toland and Michael Sims discuss "The Cage," the original Star Trek pilot from 1965. Topics of discussion include the many differences between this episode and what would become Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry's wandering eye, and the influence of color television on the design of the Starfleet uniforms. Please come back on 25 May for the first official episode of The Edge of Forever.
.: 1:13:35 :: 35.8 MB :: 23 March 2014 :.

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