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Episodes of For Your Ears Only
027: "Everyone needs a hobby." "So what's yours?" "Resurrection." After 30 months away, the distracting duo of Ian Wilson and Adham Fisher reunite to host a For Your Ears Only special for the 23rd Bond film: Skyfall. It's been a long time, but your hosts remain the same as they defy good taste and brevity to remain true to the podcast's original run. Which host remains hateful towards the reboot and gets pernickety about specific details about the London Underground system whilst his co-host bludgeons himself in the face with a paperback book? Yes, it's exactly who you think, but surprises are still to be had with a cameo from Pandy Wilson, a Bond song that Adham has yet to hear, and mispronunciations abound, particularly with regard to Ralph Fiennes. Remember, you had it coming.
.: 5:08:59 :: 148.4 MB :: 13 December 2012 :.

026: Never Say Never Again? Not just the movie on review, but the mantra for Messrs Ian Wilson and Adham Fisher, as they call time on For Your Ears Only after 26 months of British nonsense, swearing, and character-assassination. There is a two-hour review of an unofficial Bond film starring Sean Connery, but really, that's not important. The important things are the "Roger Moore in A View to a Kill is Older than..." competition, the explosive return of I-Wizzle, and the hosts' favorite memories of bringing you this irreverent, career-hindering podcast! But remember: Ian Wilson and Adham Fisher will return...
.: 3:44:42 :: 90.0 MB :: 10 June 2010 :.

025: With their Bond podcast nearly over, Ian and Adham are less than overjoyed that the penultimate episode of For Your Ears Only is devoted to talk about the franchise's uncertain future, and the 1967 spoof spy flick Casino Royale. Where 007 is a retired knight of the realm, Vesper Lynd is actually Honey Ryder, and Le Chiffre is a minor antagonist who delights in magic tricks. Pointless plot twists, characters that take the middle third off, and a burping Woody Allen are just some of the topics discussed. Also, the feedback is fully updated, and special announcements await about next month's final installment!
.: 2:43:37 :: 65.5 MB :: 13 May 2010 :.

024: The first installment of For Your Ears Only's final trilogy of non-canon Bond film specials, Ian and Adham examine the very first iteration of 007 on screen. But it was not a cinema screen, nor was James Bond under the codename of 007. Heck, he wasn't even British! In reviewing the 1954 made-for-television version of Casino Royale, our hosts look at a true Bond curiosity whilst making up for the amount of time it took to listen to the previous episode!
.: 1:11:46 :: 32.8 MB :: 08 April 2010 :.

023: Even with three episodes left in the podcast's lifespan, For Your Ears Only definitively draws the line under the official James Bond film franchise in this, our bumper five-and-a-half hour recap episode! Ian and Adham play host to utter insanity, with over 40 potentially career-destroying outtakes and extended outtakes sandwiched between tons of content. This includes: a production history of each episode, kazoos, lists covering every aspect of the Bond universe, both the edited and unedited versions of Adham's most infamous song, as well as another song featuring an AFS collaboration, in-jokes, increased vulgarity, the history of "The Adham Fisher Show," and an original sketch featuring the Jeffrey Wright Felix Leiter and the Russian characters from Octopussy. Sit back, cringe, and enjoy!
.: 5:32:08 :: 133 MB :: 11 March 2010 :.

022: Whilst not the last episode of For Your Ears Only, the official Bond franchise is finally caught up with as Ian and Adham review its most recent offering: Quantum of Solace. As they take on the maligned Daniel Craig sequel, the hosts also profile the current 007, whilst the name "Dalton" gets thrown about a bit. Also, Adham gets worked up over a table, Ian compares the Bond villain to wrestler Sean "X-Pac" Waltman, and someone is at their most music hall with both singing and blaxploitation impressions.
.: 2:53:15 :: 69.4 MB :: 11 February 2010 :.

021: It's a new Bond, it's a new year, it's a new continuity for us, and we're feeling good here at For Your Ears Only. Well, the Brothers Wilson are, as Pandy joins the regular hosts for a third time. But Adham is less than happy. Listen as Mr. Fisher quibbles with a rebooted continuity throughout the episode when there are bigger problems to be faced within Casino Royale. Like how to pronounce the villain's name correctly, how confused the loyalties of major supporting characters are, and how the audio quality is changeable throughout.
.: 2:55:56 :: 80.5 MB :: 14 January 2010 :.

020: Oh, dear lord. Who would have thought that the contest for worst Bond film would be reopened after the seeming winner was announced in 1979? But in Die Another Day Ian and Adham discover a very, very close rival. Don't let that put you off though, as the hosts play Bond Film Bingo, continue their friendly rivalry with Better in the Dark, and marvel as Ian lets his hair down to mispronounce major supporting characters names and reveal the full extent of his lust for Rosamund Pike. Adham has never looked so tame in comparison, despite an increase in singing.
.: 3:37:38 :: 87.2 MB :: 10 December 2009 :.

019.5: In this special mini-episode, Ian and Adham take a break and hand over to Erin Bentley, who recently attended a panel on Ian Fleming by Bond author Raymond Benson at this year's Bouchercon World Mystery Convention. Of course, being For Your Ears Only, a mini-episode still goes over an hour, but the panel provides a great insight into the background of Fleming and the basis for his most famous literary creation.
.: 1:03:37 :: 29.1 MB :: 19 November 2009 :.

019: A decade old this month, The World Is Not Enough throws up varying emotions for Ian and Adham. Not only does it mark the final appearance of Desmond "Q" Llewelyn, but it is both the best and worst Brosnan entry to date in the minds of the hosts. In the crosshairs are the Bond franchise writers, a collective of irritating female characters, and technology itself as the episode struggles to resist the temptation of kicking Adham off of Skype!
.: 2:41:03 :: 64.5 MB :: 12 November 2009 :.

018: Tomorrow Never Dies, the sophomore entry to the Brosnan-era Bonds, gets a slightly different treatment from the hosts this month. Why? Because this is the first episode to be recorded via Skype! Tune in to see how this affects the rapport and the audio quality of the show, along with the regular features. Also find out why begging the hosts to go easy on something will be doomed to fail, why Adham feels slighted that he wasn't cast in this film at the age of 12, and why Ian made a terrible mistake in making the news section about hypothetical Bond theme musicians.
.: 2:45:50 :: 75.9 MB :: 08 October 2009 :.

017: Pierce Brosnan may not be Timothy Dalton, but he was the Bond that Ian and Adham grew up with. So what will our genuine British hosts make of Brosnan's first 007 outing? GoldenEye sees discussion veer towards the awesomeness of Sean Bean and the sudden growth of the Kill Count, whilst Adham fails miserably to break a world record during the recording. That said, Ian risks an insult that could see FYEO's lifespan cut down prematurely.
.: 2:47:50 :: 76.8 MB :: 10 September 2009 :.

016: Concluding the two-part Summer of Dalton, Ian, Adham, and Richard take a look at Timothy Dalton's untimely final 007 outing, Licence to Kill. Featuring an incredible amount of listener-generated feedback and a tribute to all those that wouldn't quite make it into the Bond films of the 90s, this episode also boasts Richard's worries of Bond's sexual health, Ian's reminiscence of Quarrel in comparison to Sharkey, and Adham rehashing the podcast's best moment of 2008 for the film's title theme.
.: 3:28:03 :: 95.2 MB :: 13 August 2009 :.

015: The Summer of Dalton kicks off on For Your Ears Only with a look at The Living Daylights from the perspectives of Ian, Adham and their friend Richard Paterson. The newcomer promptly tries to turn the podcast into a UK version of Bigger on the Inside, whilst Adham maintains something peculiar about Timothy Dalton's take on the James Bond character. And he does something monumentally stupid before we even start the review.
.: 2:57:33 :: 81.3 MB :: 09 July 2009 :.

014: Forgoing lengthy musical advertising, an embarrassing parody rap and Pandy, this month's For Your Ears Only looks back at Roger Moore's maligned run as Bond as it concludes in A View to a Kill. Ageism aplenty, Ian and Adham also find time to sing (again), sneak in topical fortunes of English football teams and point out certain stunts that Roger Moore probably didn't perform.
.: 2:24:43 :: 66.2 MB :: 11 June 2009 :.

013: Break out the bubbly! It's the one-year anniversary of For Your Ears Only, and in this extended episode, featuring a walkthrough of Roger Moore's penultimate 007 outing Octopussy, Ian and Adham celebrate with a return appearance from Pandy, a full-length preview of Adham's Mothers' Day tracks (to coincide with North America's own weekend holiday) and a tribute rap made in honor of the Better in the Dark podcast. The rap artist in question is unlikely to ever live it down.
.: 3:28:43 :: 95.5 MB :: 14 May 2009 :.

012: Closing out For Your Ears Only's first year, Ian and Adham approach the similarly titled For Your Eyes Only with a party spirit and copious amounts of singing. Whilst Ian meets his linguistic match during the e-mail section and Adham shouts out human body parts at the top of his voice, the hosts are able to focus on underwater delights, underage ice-skaters and impersonators of Margaret and Dennis Thatcher, whilst promoting both Dread Media and Bigger on the Inside. And also demeaning Liverpudlians.
.: 2:02:31 :: 56.1 MB :: 09 April 2009 :.

011: With the coming of Moonraker, no academic will run the risk of appearing on this platform again as For Your Ears Only very much lives up to its explicit rating. Recording whilst slightly tired and emotional, Ian and Adham let rip with the likelihood of offending, amongst others, speedboat manufacturers, Lois Chiles, children, half the staff of Earth-2.net and womankind as Adham Fisher is involved, naturally. You have been warned.
.: 2:46:31 :: 76.2 MB :: 12 March 2009 :.

010: The Spy Who Loved Me is a popular entry into the Bond canon, which is why For Your Ears Only is that much longer this month. In addition to the walkthrough, Ian ropes in a TV guest star through the legally dubiously magic of technology, and Adham interviews Prof. James Chapman of the University of Leicester about his book looking at Bond's role in cultural history. How many books have been written about Jason Bourne's cultural identity, Matt Damon? Exactly.
.: 3:40:24 :: 100.0 MB :: 12 February 2009 :.

009: Returning to the regular format, Ian and Adham end their review of The Man with the Golden Gun with a personal anecdote, having identified which characters impressed and which characters were so offensive that one presenter dropped the C-bomb. Hear the slightly edited results and much more, including Ian's inferiority complex regarding the popularity of his brother's one-off appearance, and why Nick Nack makes Adham think of R. Kelly.
.: 2:37:18 :: 72.0 MB :: 08 January 2009 :.

008: Live and Let Die helps push FYEO past the three-hour mark for the first time, for many reasons: there's a new Bond in Roger Moore, there's a certain film called Quantum of Solace to cover and even a tertiary guest presenter in Andy "Pandy" Wilson, which makes for more discussion and an a cappella partner for Adham. Ian, meanwhile, gets ticked off about one particular character.
.: 3:04:59 :: 84.6 MB :: 11 December 2008 :.

007: What's Sean Connery doing looking so bored? Diamonds Are Forever, his final film, is the smuttiest entry into the Bond canon by far, something Ian and Adham just can't help but comment upon. Despite one co-host being ill and working on 24 hours without sleep, this episode still manages to pass judgment on everything from continuity, Bond girl intelligence and gay hitmen, to see-through underwear, references to British TV from the 1990s and the evaluation of Connery's 007 tenure.
.: 2:44:44 :: 75.4 MB :: 13 November 2008 :.

006: Roll up, roll up! Come and see the incredible George Lazenby in his one and only starring performance as James Bond! And if the idea of listening to a show about On Her Majesty's Secret Service doesn't strike ya, we have our double act of freaks: Adham Fisher and Ian Wilson! Which host mocks the other about their understanding of anatomy? Which host sees lesbianism in every female? And what's the verdict on the new Bond theme? Step right up and find out!
.: 2:49:01 :: 77.3 MB :: 09 October 2008 :.

005: Battling against technology itself, Ian and Adham brave the pinnacle of Sean Connery's run as Bond: You Only Live Twice. Along the way, they debate the vitally important shag count, marvel at particular aspects of Eastern culture and are bowled over by both feedback and a voicemail!
.: 2:29:51 :: 68.5 MB :: 11 September 2008 :.

004: If you like films with water, Thunderball might just be your cup of, uh, water. Ian and Adham reject high-pitched singing for foreign accents, the new "underwater count" and even violence as one co-host hits the other! Not only is this co-host's reaction left in, but so is a plethora of Bond-based analytical fun!
.: 1:35:47 :: 43.8 MB :: 14 August 2008 :.

003: Regarded by many as the most seminal of all Bond films, how did Goldfinger fare against the critical powerhouse of Ian and Adham? Prepare for loud singing, bad impressions and enough mentions of an unfortunately christened Bond girl that will make all listeners savor the future review of Octopussy.
.: 1:25:10 :: 38.9 MB :: 10 July 2008 :.

002: Recording through the night, Ian Wilson and Adham Fisher attempt to do justice to From Russia with Love, which is unfortunately sandwiched between the first ever Bond movie and what some consider the greatest film in the entire franchise. Does the second film hold up? And why are the hosts doing gypsy impressions?
.: 2:15:37 :: 62.0 MB :: 12 June 2008 :.

001: For their very first edition of For Your Ears Only, Adham Fisher and Ian Wilson run through the appeal of James Bond before appraising the first film in the Bond franchise: Dr No. Is the film a bore or a masterpiece, due to its lack of conventionality? And just what do two horny Englishmen make of Honey Ryder?
.: 1:53:24 :: 51.9 MB :: 08 May 2008 :.

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