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Hey, an Actor: Laurence Fishburne
Hey, an Actor:
Laurence Fishburne

.: 2:48:47 :: 81.4 MB :.

By The Brothers Wilson
03 August 2021 — The Brother Wilson showcase Laurence Fishburne for this month's Hey, An Actor! From his Oscar-nominated turn as Ike Turner in What's Love Got to Do With It? to his levelheaded captain turn in the sci-fi / horror film Event Horizon and his levelheaded scientist turn in warning-to-the-future Contagion, Ian and Pandy have a lot of time for Laurence! Many HAA films from Year One are referenced, as well as Pandy's first MILF, Ian's burgeoning resistance to horror films, and how Sean Pertwee led to the consolidation of The Wilson family.

Dread Media 727
Dread Media 727

.: 51:51 :: 25.1 MB :.

By Desmond Reddick
02 August 2021 — This week on Dread Media, Duane and Desmond discuss George A Romero's lost film, The Amusement Park, and where or not it should have remained lost. Then Desmond goes solo on an editorial about lost films and posthumous films. Songs included: "Old Blood" by Cancer Bats, "Old" by Machine Head, "Lost and Found" by Rollins Band, and "Lost in Hollywood" by System of a Down.

Dread Media 726
Dread Media 726

.: 1:08:44 :: 33.2 MB :.

By Desmond Reddick
26 July 2021 — This week on Dread Media, Desmond and Duane check out Open 24 Hours. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid returns after a long absence to discuss eight films he's recently seen in a movie buffet! Songs included: "Raindrops" by Dee Clark, "Sociopath" by Prima Donna, "Crash of the Crown" by Styx, and "Hellnation" by Mayhem.

Earth-2.net: The Show 1115
Earth-2.net: The Show 1115

.: 1:47:16 :: 53.5 MB :.

By The Syndicate
24 July 2021 — In this third and final part of their All Elite Wrestling coverage (for 2021), Ian and Mike book AEW into mid-2022. Who are the champions moving forward, will there be face or heel turns, and what about surprise additions to the roster?

Dread Media 725
Dread Media 725

.: 2:05:13 :: 60.3 MB :.

By Desmond Reddick
19 July 2021 — This week, Desmond and Tom kick off week 725 of Dread Media by taking a look at Joel Soisson and Patrick Lussier's Dracula 2000 trilogy. The original film, Dracula II: Ascension, and Dracula III: Legacy are all covered, along with the bonus film Dracula 3000 (if you can call that a bonus). And all this week's songs have been selected from the Dracula 2000 soundtrack: "Blind World" by Flybanger, "Bloodline" by Slayer, "Heads Explode" by Monster Magnet, "Metro" by System of a Down, "Avoid the Light" by Pantera, and "Your Disease" by Saliva.

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Hey, an Actor: Laurence Fishburne
Hey, an Actor: Laurence Fishburne

Marvel Introduces Timely Comics
Marvel Introduces Timely Comics

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